• All characters must be approved by a moderator before being used in the RP. Temporarily RPing with the people in the room until the moderator is available is fine.

  • EXTRA IMPORTANT RULE: If you play a canon character you are expected to be on at least twice a week. An rp based on canon characters requires them to keep running efficiently. Do not ask to take a canon character if you do not think you can be on at least twice a week. If you must be gone for an extended period, please let the moderator know ahead of time and your spot will not be reopened. If you are gone for a week with no notice, your spot will be reopened. If no one has taken your spot when you return from an unannounced absence you may resume playing the character. Similarly, if you take a canon character, but simply sign in and lurk and don't ever rp, your spot will be given to someone else.

  • Characters should NOT have a Patronus unless they are a NEWT level student. As stated in the books this is a complicated piece of magic, but it seems likely that students would be taught how to do it during their sixth or seventh year, given the times.

  • On that note, please use age appropriate spells, and situation/skill level appropriate ones as well. Just because you want to use Fiendfyre does not mean you are actually capable of it.

  • Respect the mods and all decisions they make. If you have a problem with a moderator's decision, bring it up with them POLITELY and in WHISPERS. Whining, bitching, moaning, and making a scene in front of everyone else in the room will only get you kicked from it.

  • Please try and use proper spelling and grammar. Trying to read posts without either causes headaches and disinterest.

  • While para-rping is not a requirement, it is helpful.

  • Keep your OOC drama and drama from other rps out of the room.

  • Godlike profiles will be rejected immediately.

  • Similarly, ANY original spells that you wish to use in the RP should be cleared with the moderator, as well as any special attributes your character might have.

  • Characters can die in this RP. In general, the moderators will not kill a character, but if you place your character in a hopeless situation do not expect a Deus Ex Machina type of salvation. Anyone whose character is killed is more than welcome to make another.
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