Martin Hutchison

Personal Information

  • Name: Martin James Hutchison
  • DoB: September 25th, 1950
  • PoB: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Age: 27
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Position: Ravenclaw Head, Ancient Runes Teacher, Head of the Dueling Club
  • Lineage: Pureblood.
  • Faction: Order of the Phoenix sympathiser.


Martin J. Hutchison is an immensely confident being. Well built, young, charismatic and intelligent, he is well aware of his popularity amongst the student population, often seen as more of a friend than a teacher, especially to the older students. He believes that, at the age of 16, the students should stop being treated like children, and thus he never does so. Each sixth or seventh year student, he views as his equal, not a Student at Hogwarts, but another Witch or Wizard in the world. He often plays Quidditch with his House during practices, his years as a Chaser on the School team and, later on, his brief stint as a Proffesional Quidditch player making him a welcome opponent or teammate. His intelligence, level headedness and confidence made him an ideal candidate for head of the Dueling Club shortly after he arrived at Hogwarts and, within three years, his overwhelming popularity lead him to be titled Ravenclaw Head.


Seen as very tall, Martin has the lean physical stature that is perfect for a Chaser. While not overly muscular and bulky, he is well muscled, but his appearance belies his true strength. His hair is kept in a crew cut, very short and unstyled. Never longer than a stubble, his hair is a dirty blond. His eyebrows are a good bit darker than his hair; only his beard, kept in a state of perpetual stubble, shows his hair color. The short beard frames a strong jaw, several inches below two piercing blue eyes.

  • Hair: Very short, dirty blond.
  • Eyes: Light blue.
  • Height: 6' 3"
  • Complexion: Healthy, olive hued skin. Not tanned, but not pale.
  • Distinguishing Features: His eyes are quite entrancing, as well as his sense of style.


  • Friends: Hutchison is seen as a friend to much of the Student population of Hogwarts, though the snobbier Purebloods, especially in Slytherin, tend to look down on him for not sharing their arrogance about Wizarding blood.
  • Family: Martin doesn't talk much about his family. Not because he doesn't like them or anything, but rather because it's rarely prudent to a conversation.
  • Enemies: Who needs more enemies than students he gives too much homework?
  • Significant Other: N/A. Seen as a charmer and a Rogue, though he has never been seen with a woman.

School Information

  • School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy
  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Position: Teacher
  • OWL Scores:

* Transfiguration: O
* Potions: O
* Charms: O
* Herbology: O
* Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
* Astronomy: A
* History Of Magic: O
* Arithmancy: O
* Ancient Runes: O
* Divination: E
* Care of Magical Creatures: O
* Muggle Studies: O

  • NEWT Scores:

* Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
* Ancient Runes: O
* Charms: O
* Transfiguration: O
* Potions: O
* Astronomy: O
* Care of Magical Creatures: O

  • Wand: Willow, 14", Acromantula hair
  • Broom: Latest model Nimbus
  • Patronus: A stallion.


During his youth, Martin had been hailed as something of a genius. Easily obtaining an O in almost all of his OWLs(To this day, he remains annoyed about the E he recieved in Divination), Martin's future was a bright one indeed. He seemed to effortlessly ace his NEWTs as well, and a succesful career as an Auror seemed lined up for him. It was a shock for most, then, when he took up a career in Ancient Runes, studying up and setting off around the world. He worked with Gringotts for a period, as a translator and Curse Breaker, before taking a break from the Academic World; He played Chaser for the Glasgow Guardians, whom he helped win the Scottish Quidditch Tournament for both years he played with them, as well as the British Tournament on one of those years. They finished second on the other. Retiring from the world of proffesional Quidditch, Martin returned to Hogwarts as teacher of Ancient Runes. Within three years, he was appointed to the position of Head of Ravenclaw House. A year after joining the Faculty, he asked for permission to instate a Dueling Club, and the request was granted. This year, Dumbledore wrote him during the summer, asking him to fill in the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, which he accepted.

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