The Marauders


Everyone knows Harry Potter's story. The boy who lived. The boy who defeated Voldemort. But not many know the story of those who didn't live. The story of those before his time. In 1977-78, a group of people joined Professor Albus Dumbledore in a dangerous initiative to take down Voldemort. This group of people came to be known as the Order of the Phoenix. Of the group of people that joined from Hogwarts a few were staff, but the larger group were seventh year students. This is their story.

The Marauders RP is a non-canon rp set in the 1970s, during the Marauders 7th year at Hogwarts. Only a handful of canon characters are available, but original characters are more than welcome as well!

Current Events

The Dark Mark was set over the town of Hogsmeade on the night of October 14, around midnight. It was later discovered that a man named Siebold Lehmann, a former Ministry of Magic employee, had been murdered, though his body was not found. The Death Eaters that committed the murder were later discovered stirring up trouble with the centaurs of the Forbidden Forest…to the point the centaurs had to ask help of Professor Dumbledore or lose their territory. Two weeks later, on October 29, the first Hogsmeade school trip, a group of students discovered the body and ghost of Siebold Lehmann inside the Shrieking Shack. They departed, intending to alert the authorities, but Amelie Perez and Bellatrix Lestrange showed up, intending to "finish what they had started". The students returned to the shack and crossed wands with Bellatrix while Amelie slipped into the Shack, gaining the information she needed from Siebold's ghost, who promptly departed to happier haunting grounds. Two other Death Eaters arrived and joined the fight outside, but the auror Moody and an unnamed man arrived to fend them off. When Amelie, work done, disapparated from the Shack, Bellatrix and the other two followed suit. Moody alerted Professor Dumbledore, who introduced the group of students to what he called the Order of the Phoenix.


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